Movies in The Arboretum

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Saturday, September 20th at 8:30 in the Arboretum. 2 free movies will be shown, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (kid friendly) and then The Birds (horror/thriller). Bring a chair, blanket and your family and friends and join in on the fun. Concessions will be available for sale.

Old West End Veggie Table

This Saturday (July 26th) between 10am & Noon in the Arboretum (corner of Robinwood and Delaware).

Gather your leftover abundant produce (fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers) and share it with your Old West End neighbors. Bring to the Arboretum and swap for someone else’s produce.

Composters!! Feel free to take any leftovers after the donation/swap is done to ensure the overabundance has an opportunity to feed us again. It’s simple – no money needed. This is a good-will neighborly gesture to keep people green and healthy with locally grown vitamins and minerals, and living off the earth. Check it out this Saturday before you go to the store – it could save you $$$.

OWE FEST 2014!

2014 Historic Old West End Festival is June 7th & 8th. You were all raised as a child not to be a show off. Festival week is not a time to put this training into place. SHOW OFF your Neighborhood, SHOW OFF our History, SHOW OFF our Architecture.

Invite your friends and family to join us in celebrating ‘The Best Neighborhood’ in Toledo June 7th & 8th. Bring them down for the houses, the food, the music, the parade, the yard sales, the art show, the marketplace, the 5K, the beer garden and of course the parties.

Additional information can be found be hitting the festival link on this site or picking up the Toledo City Paper’s June 4th publication which will contain the full festival program as an insert.


Upcoming OWE Historic District Planning Meeting

At next week’s OWE Historical District meeting, Tom Gibbons will be presenting plans to change the zoning for the Vacant Nursing Home at ashland and woodruff to allow a Behavioral Treatment Facility and Drug and Alcohol Residential Facility.

The project is within 500 feet of the OWEHD which is why it’s coming before the OWEHD committee.

The meeting is Monday 3/10 @ 5:30 in Collingwood Presbyterian Church. All meetings are open to the public. The following comes from the “staff report” about the proposal:

The applicant is requesting a zone change from CO Office Commercial to CR Regional Commercial to operate a Drug and Alcohol Residential Facility located in an existing building at 2005-2059 Ashland Avenue and 306 Woodruff Avenue. This structure has been vacant for over a year. Additionally, the applicant will operate a behavioral health inpatient and out patient treatment facility for individuals diagnosed with drug and alcohol dependency and/or mental illness and prevention services in Lucas County. A companion Special Use Permit accompanies this case. The zoning is required in order to operate the facility.

The Zepf Center is a non-profit that provides behavioral health and vocational services to youth and adults with severe and persistent mental illness in Northwest Ohio. Services include child and adolescent psychiatric, medical, residential, and therapy services, as well as career development. The Zepf Center has a presence in the neighborhood having acquired properties at 2052 Collingwood and 2272 Collingwood (St. Mark’s Episcopal Church). The Zepf Center has invested over $1,000,000 in rehabilitation costs for these structures.

The immediate area is utilized for a variety of light commercial and residential uses. Given that this site was formerly a nursing home and the proposed use is similar in nature this operation should not adversely impact the area. Regional Commercial zoning is adjacent to the site along Ashland Avenue, therefore the introduction of similar zoning on this site is comparable to the area. Ashland Avenue is designated on the Major Street and Highway Plan as a major collector, which would support a more intense zoning and land use on this site.

The Toledo 20/20 Comprehensive Plan designates this area as Single Family Residential District. This designation was given to the site since it was a functioning nursing home at the time the plan was developed. Neighborhood Commercial and Regional and General Commercial Districts designations are adjacent to this site. Neighborhood Commercial District is predominantly small and medium scale commercial uses that serve neighborhoods. Small and medium scale office and mixed uses may be included. Regional and General Commercial District is predominantly large-scale commercial uses intended to accommodate auto-oriented development. (e.g.: malls, big box retail stores, & mixed use developments) Offices and multiple-family residential developments may also be interspersed within these districts. This site should be re-designated as Neighborhood Commercial District to reflect the actual use and not encourage big box retail.